Dark City by William Eckersley


Photos by William Eckersley
Stucco Press

Dark City – Bend in pedestrian tunnel, SE1

I studied at LCC and St.Martin’s, both part of the University of the Arts in London, and work in large format photography. My projects include Left London (2006), an exploration of derelict sites around my home city; U.S.80 (2010), which focused on the first coast-to-coast highway in America; and Dark City (2011), showing the de-peopled urban environment at night. My work has been exhibited and featured in various shows, competitions, magazines and websites, as well as being held by collectors such as Nike and Sir Elton John.

At night, a once flat world illuminated by dull, grey daylight is transformed under the cloak of darkness. Garish spotlighting casts deep shadows and silhouettes, with hues of pink, cyan and orange. The stage is devoid of its human players and seems to showcase the scenery’s forgotten beauty, revealing a stark and otherworldly aesthetic in a city drained of its occupants. The built environment, deliberately contrived to service the needs and desires of humanity, makes sense in the context of teeming human life – without this however, its inherent functionality no longer visible, our urban spaces appeared to stand forlorn, waiting to be judged on their genius or folly, beauty or ugliness. This is a series of photographs depicting London at night, and was shot in my home town over the last four years.

Dark City – Broken fence and rubbish, SE1

Dark City – BT Tower, W1

Dark City – Cement Plant, SW8

Dark City – Chimney and aggregates mound, RM9

Cones and barriers under bridge, W2

Dark City – Elevated view down road with housing blocks, SE2

Factory, tree and moon behind silhouette, RM9

Goalposts in the distance, E10

Dark City – Housing block entrance with plants, SW1

Dark City – Housing block silhouette and moon, SW1

Lake and four housing blocks, SE2

Dark City – Light escaping from container doors, SW8

Looking up in city courtyard, EC3

Dark City – Spotlit steps from fire exit, SE1

Dark City – Swan on nest of rubbish, SE2

Wastepaper basket and tyres in front of fence, RM13

Dark City – Victorian housing blocks, SW1

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