Photos by Horacio Dante Devoto

Horacio Dante Devoto was born in Concepcion del Uruguay, Argentina, and grew up in Buenos Aires. He has lived in Florida, California, New York and Minnesota. He attended the University of California at Santa Cruz and did graduate work at the University of Minnesota. Horacio is now based in Minneapolis, Minnesota.


This series of images, Landoramas, combines photographs taken in the Western United States with painted scenes. The original photographs were taken with large-format cameras.

As a photographer, I was always looking for the perfect landscape. But the real world didnít cooperate. So I decided to create landscapes by combining what I could capture with my camera with elements from the existing world of art. My hope is that, for the viewer, the line between real and not real isnít important or immediately obvious. The experience is the image — sometimes real, sometimes fake, hopefully always a little confusing.

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