The photographer, Edoardo Montaccini traveled around some of the major European capital cities (Prague, Berlin, Amsterdam and Paris) and developed his project trying to live in depth the nature and the environment of the cities that he visited.

Edoardo wanted this project to begin and end with images from the harbor of Pesaro, his hometown, which set a “thesis” and “synthesis” of the metaphorical process inspired by the Hegel’s dialectic. The reason of this choice is the great importance that “home” has in his life: a place to develop and begin the journey and after, to return, rest and restart with a different point of view.

The “antithesis” is the main part of the project because it represents the phase of the process that destroys the status quo of the “thesis”, with other points of view. The journey fits perfectly in this definition because it puts you in front of things and situations from which you were foreign before. Edoardo reacted to this situation finding representation of his feelings (and of himself) in the cities around him. Feelings —loneliness, remoteness, unsuitability, relief, “sunrise” and “sunset”, are represented through compositions of elements that involved not only sensibility, curiosity, and attention but also history, geography and cultural connection of the subjects in the cities.

Landscapes are what we are.
As unsteady wayfarers, during this journey who go against the routine of everyday life, our sensitivity changes — it cherishes us – it engages us – it subverts us. The rush of feelings allows one to discover new elements, new metaphors, new matches in the nature that surrounds us. And, above all, we find new representations of ourselves.

About the author:
Edoardo Montaccini was born in 1998, in Pesaro (Italy), where he works as videographer and photographer. He graduated in cinematography at Liceo Artistico “Scuola del Libro” of Urbino.


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