Ana Luisa Matos

Ana Luisa Matos’ work focuses on the concept of home and identity. Her most recent series, No Place To Lay My Head, explores her relationship with her home country.

“Landscapes” is a project that through photography tries to represent the relationship between the condition of unstable traveller and how this condition becomes compositions through the city, its environment and the metaphoric connection between various elements of the landscape during the journey.

For the international competition dedicated to the project of the National Museum of World Writing, the OS+A studio proposes an incredible structure with a modern and eco-friendly design.

This is the one place in the world where even time getting lost. The bizarre lunar landscapes, the mighty Atlantic Ocean, labyrinthine caves and crystal clear waterways, Ireland’s diverse landscapes will take your breath away. The coastal beauty is the stuff of legends, with shorelines trimmed by golden sands and rocky outcrops. Inland, the lake […]

Equipped with her Pentax camera (6×7 medium format negatives), Berber shoots portraits, still lives and landscapes. These images are powerful and simultaneously stilled by the simplicity of their composition, their spherical colors, cuts, depth, claire-obscure, close cased shadows and overexposed segments. Her photos are pure, intimate and emotional charged. Berber therefore chooses to shoot those […]

Icelandic landscapes are constantly changing. The volcanism and weather condition due the location of the island just a few miles south of the arctic circle, shaping the face of the island and create new amazing features in any given time. Iceland was an experience I have never had before. Looking through the photos I took, […]

A new interview for our readers on Positive Magazine: we discovered a young british photographer: Lamarr Golding. He defined himself as a London-based urban explorer, freerunner and photographer. He’s 19 and he recently graduated from Kingston College studying Creative Media and is now on a gap year aiming to make a debut in the world […]

Photos by Luca Tombolini Born 1979 in Milan. Completed classical studies and then a degree in Sciences of Communication, with final assignment on visual rhetoric in Cinema. At university I met with photography and decided to follow my passion for it, experimenting in large format negative film. Since 2011 drum scanning and printing on large […]

Photos by Paul Gaffney     “During 2012 I walked over 3,500 kilometres with the aim of creating a body of work which would explore the idea of long-distance walking as a form of meditation and personal transformation. My intention was to create a series of quiet, meditative images, which would evoke the experience of being […]

edited by silvia conde ( photos by peter wolff Peter Oliver Wolff is a 23-year-old student of Visual Communication and Photography. I imagined he was into something like that from the very first moment I saw his pictures, many of which have been taken in Germany. His collection includes cold foggy landscapes, outstanding modern architecture […]