The Visual Diary of Peter Wolff

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photos by peter wolff


Peter Oliver Wolff is a 23-year-old student of Visual Communication and Photography. I imagined he was into something like that from the very first moment I saw his pictures, many of which have been taken in Germany. His collection includes cold foggy landscapes, outstanding modern architecture or remarkable black and white portrait, among others. You will find it all on a visual diary, his personal Tumblr. He thinks that photography is something really personal. That’s one of the things I got to know after interviewing him. Here you can read the rest.




What do you do in life?
I am currently living and studying Visual Communication and Photography in Darmstadt.

How did you get into photography?
My parents gave me a camera in 1999 when I was ten years old. A Fujifilm Clearshot 50 AF, I’ve still got it. Since it is a point-and-shoot it was very easy to handle and I started to take photos of everything I saw.

What do you like the most about photography?
Every once in a while I look at pictures I took years ago and I get goosebumps, because every single one of them is very personal. And this is the thing I like most about photography.




What do you enjoy more: analogue or digital photography?
I enjoy them both. It depends on what I want to do. I like how I can get a lot of different colours when using different films. But I also enjoy being spontaneous when I take photos with my iPhone, for example.

Which cameras do you have? Which is the one you use the most?
Over the years I bought, used and destroyed a lot of cameras. I’ve got some analog reflex-cameras and a digital reflex-camera (which I barely use), and then there are a lot of analog point-and-shoot cameras. My two favorite ones are the Yashica T4, which unfortunately looks really demolished, and the Olympus Mju I.




I’ve seen many of your pictures seem to be your everyday life, where do you find inspiration?
In my beautiful friends.

You shoot both black and white and full colour, which one do you prefer?
Again, it depends. I like black and white because of its strength and reduction but there is nothing more beautiful than a cheesy sundown!

Do you like to experiment when shooting?
I’ve experimented a lot with expired films, crossing and developing, but now I’m trying to find my aesthetic through reduction.




Could you tell us 3 photographers you like?
I’d say Richardson, Teller and Kern, but everyone knows them. I really like the way Ramon Haindl works. And I’m a great fan of Erika Braukis and a guy called »mokzo« on Tumblr.

Which are your future plans?
I’m going to do an exchange semester in the photography department of Bezalel Academy of Arts & Design Jerusalem, Israel starting this february and I’m really excited.





Flickr: Peter Wolff

Tumblr: Peter Wolff

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