Lines of Poetry – Giorgio Morandi

Edited by: Online Editor – Art and Culture Department
At – Estorick Collection of Modern Italian Art


On January 16, an exhibition entitled Lines of Poetry will be hosted at the Estorick Collection of Modern Italian Art, 39a Canonbury Square London N1 2AN. It will feature eighty prints, paintings and drawing by the master of poetic understatement Giorgio Morandi (1890-1964).


Following a statement by Giorgio De Chirico, we can define the artist as a master of discerning the poetry, “metaphysical dimensions of the commonest objects, within those things that habit has rendered so familiar to us that we […] often look upon them with the eye of one who sees but does not understand.”

The exhibition has been organised in collaboration with Galleria d’Arte Maggiore – Bologna, and with loans from a number of private collections as well as from the Estorick Collection.
Lines of Poetry focuses on works on paper. Morandi started to create etchings in 1912, and he entirely self-taught as a printmaker. Although restricted in terms of subject matter, these works reveal the artist’s great stylistic versatility and his never ending thirst for experimentation through different formats.
A few watercolours are also included in the show, that are rarely seen in the UK.

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