Personal Best: Elliott Erwitt in Venice

Personal Best: Eliott Erwitt Until the 15th of july 2012
Casa Tre Oci – Venezia Fondamenta delle Zitelle 43
Waterbus stop: Zitelle – Giudecca
For Informations:
Opening time: Everyday from 10am to 7pm Saturday: 10am to 10pm
(Tuesday closed)
8 euros full ticket
6 euros reduced ticket
Free for kids until 6 years old

Elliott Erwitt NYC3850 – SPAIN, Madrid, 1995, Prado Museum © Elliott Erwitt/Contrasto

Eliott Erwitt, one of the most important photographers in the world and member of the Magnum Agency,
is showing his best works in Venice with a personal exhibition at Tre Oci House.

Erwitt is a member of the Magnum since 1953: in Venice you can breath the history of our last 50 years trhough his best shoots, from US, Italy, Spain, Brasil, South America and many other countries.

140 photos curated for the italian edition by Denis Curti, Contrasto Agency Director in collaboration
with Regione del Veneto and Comune di Venezia.

You can have the opportunity to see in the photographs people like Jacqueline Kennedy, Marylin Monroe,
Fidel Castro, Richard Nixon, Obama, Eric Ambler and many others.

The space where the exhibition takes place is incredible with an amazing view from where you can see the lagoon, the Giudecca canal, the Ducal Palace and many other famous places in Venice.

Connected with the exhibition there are also some workshops that are taking places in the Tre Oci House:
28/29 april:
Reportage Photography
Curated by Denis Curti (Contrasto Agency) and Giulia Tornari
Price 300 €

05th of May:
Laws and photography:
With Massimo Stefanutti
Price 100€

19/20 May:
Nude in lagoon
Curated by Settimio Benedusi
Price: 300 €

16/23/30 june and 07th july
History of Photography
By Italo Zannier
Price: 100€

For Informations:

Elliott Erwitt
NYC15335 – USA, New York City, 2000
© Elliott Erwitt/Contrasto

Elliott Erwitt
PAR84171 – USA, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 1950
© Elliott Erwitt/Contrasto

Elliott Erwitt
NYC16368 – USA, New York,
1956, Marilyn MONROE
© Elliott Erwitt/Contrasto

Elliott Erwitt
NYC66960 – FRANCE, Paris, 1989
© Elliott Erwitt/Contrasto

Elliott Erwitt
PAR61279 – USA,East Hampton, New York, 1983
© Elliott Erwitt/Contrasto

Elliott Erwitt
PAR84172 – USA, Las Vegas, Nevada, 1954
© Elliott Erwitt/Contrasto

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