Liberatum review

Text and photos by Michael Epps

In the photos:
Scout Willis and Glenn O’Brien


A few days ago, I attended a special panel discussion, on social media, and it’s effect on art and censorship. It was presented by Liberatum and the W Hotel. A spirited, and at times colorful discussion was had by such luminaries as Larry Clark, Ann Dexter-Jones, Glenn O’brien, Scout Willis, Francesco Carrozzini, Shala Monroque, Amanda Eliasch, and Valentine Uhovski.

I have to say I was a bit awed by the presence of Larry Clark, who is someone I admire for both his film and photography work. If Liberatum is about inspiring creativity, then Larry is the living embodiment of that. His words of wisdom were simple and true. To paraphrase, art is about making art, not money. Artists make art because they have to. I would have loved to have had a one on one chat with him, or at least get a quick portrait, but he had to leave early because of an illness. Until next time…

Pablo Ganguli is the mastermind behind Liberatum, and because of his tireless efforts to bring the the creative minds of the world together, we can all look forward to many more of these global panels, popping up all over the world. For more info check out: Liberatum.

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Beyond the Monotone

Beyond the Monotone

Photographer: Joven Calingo Models: Demery Beggs, Tiger Kauffman, Makayla Marie

Photography of Jiwei Han

Photography of Jiwei Han

Edited by Odeta Catana, Photo Editor

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