What’s your name?
Lin Zhipeng (aka 223)

Where are you living?

Why you started to work with photography?
In fact, photography is not my work. I just a hobbyist of photography. After I taking a photo for 1 or 2 years, I always can fine plenty of mood in it now. So I keep shooting any kind of photos around my life.

How you can describe your style?
Selfhood, impromptu, sex and young.

How you create an image?
Anytime I can create an image because I carry a camera every day. I don’t use any decoration after I taking a photo. So, the photos you see all are the original image as the moment I taking them.

Can you tell us who is your favourite photographer?
Now is Wolfgang Tillmans.

Can you make sex with photos or you can make a photo with sex ?
If somebody want.. I can make sex with photos.haha. But most of the second one.

You can find the Lin’s art in her website or flickr.

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