RUSLAN LOBANOV: Photography as reincarnation of forgotten

Ruslan Lobanov is one of the most unique and elegant photographers of contemprorary art space. Following the principle everything new is well forgotten old, Ruslan uses analog technologies in photo realization, spare neither time nor effort in searching a tea-set from Victorian era on vintage stores, walking 10 km. at Portofino’s historical places in order to find a new location and uses nudity in his works as an expensive accesory but not for paying people’s attention.

Ruslan Lobanov is one of the most popular artists in the post soviet union space. He isn’t a classical author of art photography. It’s something more than that. Нe defines his genre as a cinematic photography. Uniqueness of Ruslan’s photos based on analog technologies that he used for their realization. Mystery and elaborate elements of female nakedness, which blend harmoniously with collectible accessories, handmade costumes and attentively selected locations, are embodiment of the Photographer’s perception of the World. Ruslan Lobanov compares photo with a puzzle. The main satisfaction for creator is a final result, which is admirable by fans.

Having photographed many stories throughout career mostly Ruslan Lobanov  was inspired by his older sister-designer. The height of beauty in art books, costumes and creative atmosphere was obsereved by him from early childhood.

Ruslan Lobanov by Alexandra Serafimowich

All actors in Ruslan’s works have something more than great bodies, they have characters. Maybe that is the answer why we see more than one story in a photo.  Each of the stories stays with you for some time. Nakedeness in his works is simply invisible to the viewers eye. You see women on stages conveying messages with their nudity without noticing that actually they are nude.

A large mosaic of women’s characters from Havana to Kiev, from Galle to Moscow was collected in a new photo book Nudes in The City (2015), which features many never-before-seen photos from the last ten years. Inimitable aura of each city was reflected in a stunning female look. «Lobanov’s album is just strikingly brilliant. Full point», said Janusz Leon Wisniewski, a reviewer of photo book. Besides Nudes in the city, that was published in mass edition, Ruslan Lobanov released his personal photo book WORKS (2014) in limited edition version.

Nudes in the City was officially launched during the last solo exhibition in Kiev, Ukraine, the photographer’s Motherland. Now Ruslan Lobanov is preparing for a large exhibition in Zurich, Switzerland and working on a new color photo book.

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