Sponsored Video: Castrol EDGE Titanium Strong Virtual Racers

How much do you like cars? Are you into watching a great challenge? Then this video we are presenting is for you. One of the main questions today is about what is reality, what is fiction. And Castrol EDGE was able to put the virtual world and the real world together.

Castrol presented the Titanium Driving Challenge: a head-to-head race between 2 professional racers: Matt Powers, Formula Drift Champion and the racing & stunt driver Ben Collins. The race took place in Los Angeles on board of the 2015 V8 Ford Mustang and lubricated by the super Castrol EDGE oil to allow the best driving-crazy experience for the pilots.

Thanks to video technology, the race moved to another level. It’s just not about driving a car, but also driving on a real test area but watching a virtual world using a virtual machine showing a virtual reality track, with a crazy terrain of sheer drops and death defying twists, together with fires all around. Both Pilots have been wearing the Oculus Rift Kit2 Headset. The #virtualdrift took place in may 2015 and the quality of the virtual world, featuring a futuristic terrain is pretty amazing.

Now what are you waiting for? It’s time to watch the #virtualdrift video by Castrol EDGE and get the experience.

This article has been sponsored by Castrol, but all thoughts are our own.

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