This series is about the everyday life of young people in the province, about a way of everyday life where life drugs and alcohol are present, about the days that go unnoticed and they aren’t really any different, whether it is a weekday or a regular working day. I’ve started taking pictures quite a long […]

“I Dreamt of summer” is a series by Oleksandr Ivanchenko, which he photographed whilst visiting Ukraine in the summer months of 2015.

Growing up in post-Soviet Ukraine during the nineties was not an easy task. Financial and emotional instability moulded families and relations between people. Comparing to other children, Alex was lucky to have everything she wanted in terms of material goods, but on the other hand, she never had a chance to know what real loving family is.

Monochrome dance speaks for itself. Without colors and too much attention it attracts photographers and artists for generations. Dance, but rather people who are for it are taken, it has long been an inspiration. Shoot movement – her passion. Smooth movement, emanating from the soul itself, touched her frame. She likes anything that brings people together. Whether it’s dancing or music. Daria Zatylyuk was born in Crimea, Ukraine. Now she lives and works in Kiev, as an artist. She shoots short films, painting and of course thephotographs. Last year went to take pictures of the hot spots in Ukraine.

Ruslan Lobanov is one of the most unique and elegant photographers of contemprorary art space. Following the principle everything new is well forgotten old, Ruslan uses analog technologies in photo realization, spare neither time nor effort in searching a tea-set from Victorian era on vintage stores, walking 10 km. at Portofino’s historical places in order […]

Sasha Maslov, photographer from Kharkiv (Ukraine) is living and working in New York. Sasha works with The New York Times, New York Magazine, Wall Street Journal Magazine. In Ukraine he worked with Esquire, Forbes, Billboard and Men’s Health. He created various projects like “The Veterans”, “Forgotten village”, “What is Burning Man” “Prison theater” wich have […]

Positive starts a new series of interviews realized by our new editor from Ukraine Alexandra Serafimovich. She will focus on photography in her country: the idea is to keep our eyes open about Est Europe Photographers. Sergei Sarakhanov is a portrait photographer and cinematographer from Kyiv, Ukraine. Sergei was born in the north of Russia and he […]

Nadezhda Ishkinyaeva was born in Murmansk, Russia in 1988.After school graduation she moved in Saint-Petersburg and got a degree in Graphic Design in the Art School named after Nicholas Rerich. Also she studied photojournalism for two years. Her most important project called “Terra Nullius” is about new part of Russia – Crimea. In this series, […]

Photos & text by Imanol Villota Ivan, Denys and his four fellow Ukrainian countrymen have rested on several mattresses inside his van. No other amenities demanded. Here is an opportunity to return to their country, now at war, with some savings. There will be no rest for them over the next few weeks. It begins […]

“The Maidan has become a living, breathing thing. That means that it is evolving and will continue to evolve to meet the needs of the revolution.” – Misha Oleksiyenko, protestor and resident of the Maidan Canadian photojournalist Christopher Bobyn spent the week following ex-President Yanukovych’s ousting in Kiev, documenting the evolution of the Euro-Maidan from […]