Lucid Dream

Photos and Text by Adrian Mirgos

Woodstock Festival always had followers and opponents. He hopes that by showing this series, at least some people will see that even though hundreds of thousands of people are having fun in one place you can still be sure about your safety. Originally it was supposed to be a one-time project in 2010. Over the next few months he decided that it will be several-year project which will end probably in 2015. Every year he tries to create a separate photo series, so that on one hand all of them can be summarized in one series, and on the other, each individual series will show something else.

Adrian Mirgos, 1989, Poland. He lives in a small village near Warsaw. His fascination with photography and design started a few years ago. In the meantime he finished two schools in Warsaw with photography and motion graphics. Adrian got several awards: nomination to the Deeper Perspective Photographer of the Year 2014, 6 medals in the International Photo Awards, video exhibition during Visa Pour L’Image. In early 2013, Adrian after being unemployed for a few months he decided to do Vieworld Photo Magazine. In the future he would like to show Vieworld on the paper and through this magazine teach people why and how to make photo editing.

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LCM: James Long AW 15

LCM: James Long AW 15

From the collection, James has made a lot oversized eye catchy jackets,

Vans Ink Art II edition

Vans Ink Art II edition


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