Lykke Li @ Astra Berlin

Text and Pictures by  Stefanie Schmid Rincon

POSI+IVE  was at the Lykke Li concert last Wednesday at Astra Berlin  – Just in Time for her new Album Release  ‘I never Learn’ which was   last Friday, 2nd of May.

After the Dance and Summerhits  ‘Little bit’ , ‘Dance ,dance, dance’ and  ‘I follow rivers’, Lykke li is  back this summer with the melancholic and mysterious Album „ I never nearn“.


9 Tracks of heartbreak: ‘ sleeping alone’, ‘ heart of steal’ ,’ never gonna love again ‘ or ‘ love me like iam not made of stone’, are just a few songtitles ,where you can already feel some misery and bad romances she might have had in the past , making us the sensation that writing  maybe the cure for a broken heart.”I am longing for your poison like a cancer for its prey” –  The first line of ‘Gunshot’  a song  so cruel and so powerfull at the same time accentuated  by an 80’s style beat.



This feeling of misery and saddness is what you get in the first 20 minutes of the concert. Her beautiful on stage presence combined with the red/orange light and it’s smoky look on stage makes her Band look  silhouetted making the Venue feel like a big Campfire.

When ‘Love me like i am not made of stone’  kicks in  Lykke Li asks for some Whiskey beacuse in her words this song makes her feel  ‘Naked’ – this sort of personal  interaction with the audience makes us feel the emotions of this Heartbreak inspired album. She sang almost every song of her new Album and changing the structure of some others like for example in  ‘little bit’ in which a slide guitar was added.




‘Get some’ and ‘I follow rivers’ kept the audience singing and dancing until it was time to slow down again.

After 90 minutes the night came to an end with ‘saddness is a blessing’ . Ending the evening at the right moment.


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