The project Minimal Dunes was created during a trip in December 2015 to the southwestern coast of France. For a few days, the photographer captured different sceneries in the region of Aquitaine.

The photographer spent hours and hours in the Dune du Pyla, walking along the sand and contemplating the beauty of the landscape that she had in front of her eyes. She was fascinated by the different shapes and forms that get created on the sand as the hours passed, and also by the different tones and contrasts between the color of the sand and the sky.

Furthermore, she was impressed by the evolution of the shapes and shadows of the Dune in terms of lighting and specially, she was captivated by the immensity of the landscape in contrast to how small the human silhouettes looked in the distance.

In this context, the project Minimal Dunes came out. The project emerged from the personal need to show, through a minimalistic point of view, the different shapes, colors, shadows and dimension of this magnificent Dune.

About the author:
Anna Garcia is a 22 year-old photographer She is currently living and working in  Barcelona. She studied Photography and Digital Media at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC), and graduated in 2015. After that, she did a postgraduate course in Advanced Postproduction in the same University.

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