Fær Øer islands are an archipelago of 18 islands, lost in the North Atlantic Ocean, keepers of ancient legends and traditions.

Fare Per are very beautiful because of its untouched nature and wonderful landscapes. Turists prefer to visit this islands during summer but Marco Maccolini visited Faer Oer in January because with wind, cold, snow and ice these islands are more mysterious and wild.

Travel time:
five days (mon/fri), two night in a bad & breakfast in Sørvágur and two nights in a bad & breakfast in Kalksvik. Car rental for total autonomy.

First day:
Bologna (Italy) – Copenhagen / Copenhagen – Fær Øer Islands.

Second day:
Gasadalur (Vagar), Bøur (Vagar), Vestmanna (Streymoy), Saksun (Streymoy), Tjørnuvík (Streymoy).

Third day:
Gjogv (Eysturoy), Eiði (Eysturoy), Tjørnuvík (Streymoy), Klaksvik (Borðoy).

Fourth day:
Viðareiði (Borðoy), Hvannasund (Borðoy), Stykkið (Streymoy), Gasadalur (Vagar).

Fifth day:
Fær Øer – Copenhagen / Copenhagen – Bologna (Italy).

About the author:
Marco Maccolini was born in 1981. He lives and works in Italy as Graphic Designer but he has a strong passion for photography. He loves to travel in remote places to discover great landscapes.


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