New Platform Prison,in the middle of the Ocean

Edited by: Eugenia Gotti – Architecture Department Editor –

Proofreading: Bianca Baroni

Where : Pacific Ocean

Artworks: Competition for a new Ocean Platform Prison  AC-CA 



Prison architecture continues to evolve with Architecture playing an ambiguous role: not only wants to reinforce the sense of punishment and loss of a certain amount of freedom, but also aims to create, maintain and retain basic human rights and liberty within such confinement.

1th prize

 1st PRIZE

Published today the results of the Idea Competition issued by Architectural Competition
Concours d’Architecture for the design of the new platform prison in the Pacific Ocean.

The aim of this International Competition was to design a New Prison afloat the Pacific Ocean, using an oil Platform as a reference structure.

2th prize

 2nd PRIZE

The winner is the Spanish team composed by Ramón Martínez and Jorge Sobejano. They presented a project based on equality, isolation and Security Gradient. The shape develops vertically splitting into three arms that contain the program.

3th prize

 3rd PRIZE

The second prize goes to Kristijonas Skirmantas, Povilas Zakauskas and Tomas Vaiciulis from Lithuania. Their project plays with the geometry and leaves the ocean to draw irregularities. The circular shape is used as an umbrella under which the three main parts of the project are developed: bearing columns, structural ring and regular rectangular modules.

on, mention 2

honorable mentions

Third prize for an Argentina team composed by Ariel Hake , Tomas Sanchez and Miguel Minond. They recognize the Oceanic setting as an opportunity to make the prison as much sustainable as possible. First of all the project uses the extrusion (in addition or in subtraction) to delimit the boundaries of safety.

on. mention 3

honorable mentions

on. mention 1

honorable mentions

Another interesting idea, Galene I, comes from a French Team composed by Michael Gloudeman and Michael Kafassis, whose work fill a vertical grid with modular cells and platform.

We are waiting to find out the solutions proposed for the Symbolic World Cup Structure, in Rio de Janeiro, which is the next competition by AC-CA.



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