Nikki Sixx Conversation with Angels at Leica Gallery

Leica Gallery, Los Angeles, is proud to announce Conversation with Angels, the photographic exihibition by Nikki Sixx, founder and bassist of the band Mötley Crüe.

Many people know Nikki Sixx as the bassist of Mötley Crüe, but he is not only a great musician. Nikki is also a great photographer and Leica Gallery in Los Angeles has dedicated a photographic exihibition from October 4 to November 5.

Conversation with Angels is a journey through the moments of people suffering from drug abuse and homelessness. Nikki calls them his angels and they remind him through interaction and comunication that life is based on the decisions we make in life. He looks for hope to make it out of a troubled life and to finally achieve their final desire: a clean and better life.

[quote_box name=””]When I get home from shooting. I look at those photos for hours. I zoom in on their eyes, their lips, and their fingers and I look for some hope. If I can find that hope then I’ve done them justice in my photography.[/quote_box]

Nikki Sixx’s collaboration with Leica Camera happens on the 10th Anniversary of his New York Times bestselling memoir “The Heroin Diaries” and “The Heroin Diaries” anniversary edition soundtrack album by his other band, SIXX:A.M. Not only, but the exihibtion will help raise funds for a photography room and program to benefit the Covenant House California, Los Angeles, the organisation with which Nikki has partnered in order to help the homeless youth who seek shelter at Covenant House with a music program, the most successful among its residents.

[quote_box name=””]Life is about change. For me, photography is about capturing that moment in time before it changes. Afterwards, we can use it as a bookmark, or a timestamp, to remember the better and the worse times that have happened. We can also use it to create a new perspective and spark a change in people. I feel motivated to tell stories through photography and sometimes, if I’m lucky, discover things about myself. I’ve always said as I head out the door, camera in hand, that I am embarking on an unattainable journey, but, if I’m lucky, I might just stumble across and have a conversation with an angel.[/quote_box]

To celebrate his dedication to photography, Leica Camera has decided to release a new camera, the Leica Q Nikki Sixx Edition, a limited edition release of the rock star’s own full-frame compact camera. This new model features a black snakeskin finish on leatherette with Nikki’s laser-engraved signature. The camera will be accompanied by a black leather wrist strap, an autographed copy of the 10th anniversary edition of Sixx’s memoir and a black DSPTCH braided shoulder strap, which has been able to withstand the tough photographic environments that Sixx found inspiration in and enjoyed shooting.

The Leica Q Nikki Sixx Edition will be available only in 28 units, a number which has special meaning for Sixx as he overdosed on heroin at that age and was clinically dead for several minutes which had provided the turning point that lead him to begin his recovery.

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