[dropcap type=”1″]V[/dropcap]enturing into her own custom prints this season, which Sara originally developed for her collaboration with BMW i8 electric car. Sara created print work using natural elements as inspiration finding a stone onyx pattern reminiscent of other natural beauties such as the Earth’s beautiful beaches, oceans, cloudy kies and sunsets. The pre-viewing party was actually held at BMW Park Lane store where you get to see the collection as well as the i8 cars. Very impressive!

The SS18 collection is very natural in colour, a lot beige, pale pink, white, brown and black. The designs of each outfit are very feminine and masculine at the same time. For example, you can see a pretty blouse and then boom a strong statemented jacket. Super fine tailored wool suiting worn with soft silk blouses, dressing and tunics. Sara has continued her signature use of bias cut layering of organic fluid fabrics juxtaposed with chic, clean and fitted leather shape biker jacket. Each piece from this collection can be worn for any occasion, very versatile collection!

The SS18 collection is also handcrafted from the finest materials by skilled artisans. Sara supports a system where garments are produced in keeping with all social responsibilities from manufacturing through to retail. For instance, the working conditions of the artisans producing the garments have set new standards of how a brand should uphold ethical and humanitarian values. I really like that Sara is acknowledging her team behind her collections.

Photos courtesy of HPR AGENCY (photos by Simon Armstrong)

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