Ontario by Mike Berube


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Photos by Mike Berube

slowdrift – oshawa ontario, the once canadian giant for automotie imports and exports rests in endless decay now. last year nearly 3000 lost their jobs as the truck plant closed and nearly 4 times that amount in 3rd party jobs were cut due to commerce collapse.

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once known in for the canadian economic stronghold, now is a new haven for drug culture and crime. in the next few years the city could breathe new life and buisness into the once powerful motercity, or it could see its last gasp for air.

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mike berube was born in toronto, canada where he is currently based. mike’s photographs have been exhibited in galleries and venues across north america. his work has been published in magazines from italy, france, brazil and north america. his recent book entitled “the dead can dance” was published early july of 2008 which documents life in the slums of kibera kenya following the election crisis that ripped the slums apart by tribal violence.

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