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“I’m Alexander. I’m 27 years old, was born in Moscow and it’s the city I live in. Most of all I like to discover new things, to observe and analyze the world around. Day by day photography became a significant part of my life and now I can’t imagine my life without it.


However, other my passion is travelling, reading, architecture, art, languages and conversation what is key to everything! My biggest dream is to spend several months or a year abroad observing other culture “from inside” and fixing “other life” in my photos. “


Can you describe your feeling when you take a photo?

It’s a mixture of absolutely different feelings! I can be scared if something will go wrong and model won’t be easily contacted with me while the latter is highly important. Then I can be excited if I have a great light, if I’ve got into contact with the model and she/he feels free in front of my camera so I’m taking really cool photos. But the most powerful feeling is my wish of expression. There is no photo if I don’t want to express some idea or feeling in it. However, after a while my eye starts to reveal shortcomings even in a very good work. And I can do nothing with it. “When God hands you a gift, he also hands you a whip; and the whip is intended solely for self-flagellation…” – Capote said.


How did you start taking photos?

It happened in Berlin ten years ago. That summer day I was going back from the city center to my friend’s place I stayed in. I turned the corner and suddenly I saw a very beautiful sunset. It was so amazing that I took a photo. It was the first photo I found to be good and special. Many years have passed since that day but I know for sure I became addicted to photography on that day.


What does it mean for you street photography?

The main feature of the street photography is to show the street life as it is and to make audience pay attention to its details. So I don’t think I’m really deep in this kind of photography, though since it’s a part of our life I can’t avoid it even if I’d like to. I take photos which, I think, could be classified as a street photography when I’m abroad or when my friends whose passion is parkour ask me to make a photo set. In both cases I’m simply an observer. I mean, I don’t ask people to pose, they do just what they usually do. And it’s of great value!


What do you think about the difference between digital and film photography? Which one do you like most?

Actually, I don’t think this question is important for modern photography as it could seem to be. Camera is just a tool that helps you to express yourself. It doesn’t much matter if it’s digital or film photography. You just take your camera and go out to take photos. Of course, there’s a technical difference. Someone may say, there’s also difference in result. However, I believe it’s something more about aesthetics and feelings it gives rise to. Take a look at painting. There’s painting in oils, in watercolours, in pastel, but it is still painting and all kind of this art are important. I can’t say what I like most: digital or film photography. Practically I use more digital camera (though I have a film camera too). But it’s just because it’s cheaper and more convenient, there’s more space for creativity. And by the way, talking about Photoshop and other retouching/design programs, I see no shame in using them. Since it was invented, photography always longed for bridge the gap with painting. And if earlier for this reason we used some chemical stuff, today due to digital technologies photography can be both documentary and painting-alike. So only photographer, his skills, and his interests can define the limits of activity.


Do you have an image that for you can represent the new year?

No.. In fact I don’t take photos at the parties. Too much of “realism” we can find next morning, So it’s more my friends’ prerogative. And I’m just having fun.



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