Poetic Design

Edited by: Roberta De Monte roberta.demonte@positive-magazine.com

Design by: Jason Mizrahi

Proofreading: Bianca Baroni

Design is mainly the study of materials and their potential, an on-going challenge to create new and unpredictable forms. That’s the challenge that fascinates Jason Mizrahi, a young American designer who presented his latest collection at the Salone del Mobile in Milan last April.

Belanto full front 6

Born and raised in Los Angeles, he now lives and works in New York, where he graduated in architecture from the Pratt Institute. Through his latest work, Jason explores the techniques that push the limits of the materials leading them to create unexpected shapes, revealing the beauty of their maximum expression.

A Volare Front Angle whiteDrawing upon his admiration for art and music, he follows no conventional approaches that give life to non-conventional configurations that combine symphonies and portraits to architectural principles. The latest collection created by Jason Mizrahi consists of a series of chairs with poetic names: Belcanto, A Volare and Alko.

A volare manufacturing 4

Belcanto is a limited edition piece, made of wood, and this chair recalls a fluid and dynamic element, almost poetic. A Volare is essentially a sculpture and its design creates seamless lines, strong and continuous. The last element of this series is Alko, in which Jason, influenced by the works of Joseph Albers and Mark Rothko, creates a chair characterized by rectangular shapes, creating a sequence of three-dimensional compositions. In this way Alko can be customized in every space.

Alko chairs Front




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