Poetic Lamp

Edited by: Roberta De Monte roberta.demonte@positive-magazine.com

Design by: Poetic Lab

Where: London

Proofreading: Bianca Baroni


At the Salone del Mobile this year were presented several innovations. Various, new and young designers came, in fact, to present their projects in an internationally known environment as the Salone del Mobile.

Poetic Lamp

One of the new series presented is Ripple, the line of the London based studio Poetic Lab, which is a collection of lamps that mimic the movement of water. The concept of this new lighting system was already shown last year at the Salone del Mobile, but in the last year, it has been developed in more detail and it was put into production in collaboration with the Austrian crystal brand J. & L. Lobmeyr.

Poetic Lamp

Every element that characterizes the collection is made of hand-blown glass is not uniform and placed on a brass base. Inside the glass part is placed a G4 halogen light that slowly rotates. This creates a continuous mix of light and shadow, changing surfaces that are affected by light.

Poetic Lamp

Hanhsi Chen, co-founder and designer of Poetic Lab, said “the inspiration of the collection comes from the nature beauty of light and fluid matters. We try to capture the essence of light through its gentle movements, just as all the nature light do.”




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It’s been a lot since my last time here

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Obstructed view

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