Laureline Tilkin-Franssens was born in 1991 in Belgium. Her photography is mostly about things she experiences and is said to be very cinematographic.

PES stands for Post-Erasmus-Syndrome, a psychological state of mind where exchange students get caught up in, when they return home after a long time. Every year thousands of exchange students return home . They have to reintegrate into their own society and sometimes that can cause more difficulties than they would have expected. This is called a reversed culture shock, but it’s more than just that. Home doesn’t really feel like it anymore. The exchange students are stuck between a state of dreaming and reality. Their past life seems like a movie flickering by. Their reality has thus become estranged. This alienation is the emphasis of this project. There is also another symbolicism in this project. Pes means foot or “by foot” in Latin. It refers to a journey through Europe to rediscover the own identity. It’s a quest for different cultures, forming a whole, but different in their own ways. It’s the feeling of being on the road continuously, being isolated from the world, alienation and solitude.










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