“Someone like you can spread the kindness too” is the ending line of the British Red Cross new spot; curated and shot by the Full Service – founded by world-famous photographer Rankin-, this new campaign portrays beautifully and touchingly the extraordinary acts of kindness of the warm-hearted volunteers who offered their help to people affected by UK most recent tragedies: the terror attacks and Grenfell Tower Fire disaster, both occurred last year.

The campaign is willing to celebrate one of the largest humanitarian responses experienced by the Red Cross in its 148 year history. These volunteers promptly acted every single time the adversity struck, overcoming difficulties and providing vital support to the victims and their families. 

“We wanted to draw attention to the unsung heroes, the ones that worked tirelessly in the background and away from the limelight. This campaign is a way of saying thank you to them, while showing that these people are from within your community; they are just like you or me and they made a huge difference. We feel that this message is unbelievably important in these problematic times.” 

The Power Of Kindness © Rankin

The Red Cross (with the help of many others) was able to raise a big sum of money for the ones in need: the London Fire Relief Fund raised £7.3m for those affected by the fire at Grenfell Tower, We Love Manchester Emergency Fund in partnership with MEN and Manchester City Council raised £21m and the UK Solidarity Fund has raised £3m for the victims of terror attacks.

These volunteers gathered together supporting almost 2.300 people affected by the terrible incidents happened in London and Manchester; despite the sense of impotence that strikes humans when a great tragedy occurs, the help these individual were able to provide is invaluable.
The campaign, released on the Red Cross week (6-12 May) is a message of gratitude sent to the people who offered their help during times of misfortune, while the data reported is a the proof of how much every single person counts.

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