Photo: Eleonora Agostini
“Rebel Rebel, torn your dress” is a collaboration between the photographer Eleonora Agostini and the Designer Marco Vedovato for his Collection “Swan”.
Starting from movies like Lords of Dogtown and Ken Park, we try to investigate not only the skater subculture but also a deep transitional moment like boys’ Youthhood, portraying our subjects in their bedrooms, an intimate place where they don’t struggle to be part of a group or a community and a place where they feel comfortable to show us other aspects of their characters like vulnerability and fragility.
The Collection
Swan is a project born from the research and archiving  of military iconic clothes.  Used as initial reference for the development of the collection, the clothes are then decontextualized and placed within the aesthetic of the underground skate culture, born in California between the 70s and the 80s.
Models: Leonardo Cossu – Theo Barbiero
All Clothes:  “SWAN” collection by Marco Vedovato
Shoes: Vans
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