Red Bull Illume Special Image Quest 2020

Photographer: Thomas Morel Athlete: Derek Sakakura Location: Maui Theatre, Lahaina, HI, United States Camera: Hasselblad H3DII-50 Lens: HC 50-110mm (@ 70mm) ISO: 100 F-Stop: 5.6 Shutter Speed: 1/750 Flash Systems: broncolor, Broncolor Grafit A2 with Pulso G. One mini satellite (@f:5,8), and one standard reflector with honey

Red Bull Illume is always bringing us the world’s greatest adventures and action through photography. The new contest – Red Bull Illume Special Image Quest 2020 – will start on June 1 and it celebrates the outstanding creative works that are being posted on Instagram throughout 2020. This contest always aims to showcase the passion and dedication that push the boundaries of content creation.

This year’s edition has three categories, where you can submit your still and moving image, and a fourth category which calls for the most creative adventure and action sports stories.

Photographer: Fabrice Wittner ; Athletes: Julien Lange, Pierre Chedal, Flo Bastien, Yann Barthelemy ; Location: Val d’Isère, France ; Camera: Nikon NIKON D700 ; Lens: AF NIKKOR 20mm F2.8 ; ISO: 200 ; F-Stop: 7.1 ; Shutter Speed: 1/125 ; Flash Systems: Elinchrom, Elinchrom, Nikon SB800

Photo- and videographers can enter their best still and moving image  – up to one minute – into any of these categories: Throwback – a comparison between then and now in one image; Homework – adventure and action sports content in or around your home; Inseen – purely creative content that showcases a different angle, perspective.

To enter the categories follow these easy steps:

  1. Share your still and moving images (up to 1 minute) on your public Instagram feed.
  2. Tag @redbullillume, use the hashtag #rbi20submission and the category, e.g. #rbi20throwback
  3. Tag a friend to invite him to take part as well.
Photographer:Michael Burnett ; Athlete: Ryan “Peabody” McWhirter ; Location: Paris, France ; Camera: Nikon NIKON D3 ; Lens: 16mm f/s.8 ; ISO: 200 ; F-Stop: 6.3 ; Shutter Speed: 1/250th ; Flash System: lumedyne

For the first time in the history of this contest, there is a special category – Storytale – specifically for Instagram stories. This category will give the creators complete freedom, giving them the chance to tell their story in any way they choose. Each submission can consist of maximum 6 stories and have to be added to the Highlight tab so they won’t be lost.

To submit an Instagram story into the category follow these steps:

  1. Share your Instagram story and tag @redbullillume and #rbi20submission. Make sure your profile is public and that the tags are visible but not prominent, after all it’s about your story.
  2. Each entry can have up to 6 Instagram stories.
  3. Add the entry to ‘Highlights’ with the title ‘RBI 2020’
  4. To submit another entry, just upload your Instagram Stories and add them to a new Story Highlight in your profile and add a number to the Highlight title e.g. ‘RBI 2020 #2’

The competition will run for from June 1 until July 5. The jury will then select the five best still and moving images per each category, plus the five best stories every week. This selection will be displayed on Red Bull Illume where also the community will have the power to vote for their favourite weekly finalists in each category.

The community will vote every week from Thursday to Sunday. The first round of voting is open from June 11 till June 14, during the second week of the submission phase. The weekly winners will be announced every Monday after the voting has closed.

Photographer: Paris Gore ; Athlete: Steven Bafus ; Location: Seattle, WA, United States ; Camera: Nikon D3 ; Lens: AF-S Nikkor 24-70mm f/2.8G ED ; ISO: 800 ; F-Stop: 6.3 ; Shutter Speed: 1/400 ; Flash System: none

Each category (with the exception of Storytale) will have a moving image winner and a still image winner, resulting in: 1 Overall Still Image Winner, 1 Overall Moving Image Winner, and 1 Overall Storytale Winner. The winners will be announced on July 30, 2020.

The overall winners will earn the title of being an official Red Bull Illume Winner and receive an incredible experience from Red Bull. The winning content will also be added to the Red Bull Illume Exhibit Tour that’s currently traveling all around the world, providing great exposure for anyone passionate about the creative and adventure and action scene.

Check it out the 2019 competition here

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