Seventy One: ready for st. Valentine?

“Introduced in 2021, SEVENTY ONE embodies the pinnacle of luxurious gin, a unique representation of the extraordinary and the elusive. Crafted and meticulously curated by the renowned photographer, Mert Alas, SEVENTY ONE GIN draws inspiration from the opulence of the night, amalgamating elements from the realms of artistry and the most exclusive spirits. Paying tribute to the unrestrained creativity of those who embrace the allure of nocturnal pleasures, SEVENTY ONE reveres the essence of the night.

A symphony of the finest botanical absolutes, individually distilled to unveil their utmost essence, envelops the classic gin foundation. Each small batch is infused with the exquisite top notes of the exceedingly rare Queen of the Night cactus flower (Selenicereus Grandiflorus). Blooming once annually, exclusively at nightfall, these flowers gracefully fade before daybreak. The culmination of SEVENTY ONE matures for 71 nights within carefully selected virgin Spanish oak, ex-Pedro Ximenes sherry casks, and ex-Cognac casks, allowing the botanicals to intricately merge. Meticulously blended from each cask, the result is an unparalleled richness and complexity.

SEVENTY ONE was envisioned for the sole purpose of savoring and relishing. It is best enjoyed on the rocks or in its iconic serve, the SEVENTY ONE Golden Martini.

Presently, SEVENTY ONE is available across Europe, including esteemed locations like El Cortes Ingles and Le Bon Marche, as well as exclusive UK retailers like Selfridges. It proudly sits among the prestigious selection at Hedonism Wines.

SEVENTY ONE can be savored at London’s most sophisticated bars such as Chiltern Firehouse, The Connaught, Savoy, Harry’s Bar, and Annabel’s.

SEVENTY ONE Gin was masterminded by the legendary Photographer Mert Alas, one half of the acclaimed duo Mert and Marcus. His deep fascination with the spirits world and an innate curiosity for life’s finer aspects have propelled Mert’s personal appreciation to remarkable heights, collaborating on art and design pieces worldwide. SEVENTY ONE Gin stands as a sensory embodiment of his pursuit of excellence, intertwining personal and cultural narratives of myths and legends inspired by works like Huysman’s A Rebour and the tales of Oscar Wilde, alongside the vibrant era of the New York club scene in the ’70s and ’90s. Mert Alas has been an avant-garde visionary in photography, a trailblazer of ‘surrealist-glam’, collaborating with the most prominent fashion houses and celebrities globally. For Alas, whether through pictures, paintings, exhibitions, published books, fashion, or architecture, every avenue is a distinctive means to express quality, luxury, and the pursuit of a fulfilling life. His art has become his lifestyle, an effervescent ethos uniting talented individuals from all walks of life in a jubilation of Love, Life & Art.”

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