Snake Skin


Fotografo : Fred Marques
Estilismo : Yasmina Sanchez
Model : Anushka Yaksheva by Icon Models
Make up : Andrea Sattore Rodriguez


Camisa Efimer
Pantalón Tara Jarmon
Torera José Castro
Cadena Arianne


Camisa Efimer, Pantalón Tara Jarmon
Torera José Castro,Cadena Arianne


Falda José Castro, Camiseta Tara Jarmon, Collar Guillem Doz


Vestido Guillem Doz


Camisa Guillem Doz,
Falda José Castro,
Zapato Casadei


Camisa Guillem Doz,
Falda José Castro

Fred Marques was born in Montreal, Canada. His adolescent life was spent in Paris which has strongly influenced his photographic visual language. After receiving a Bachelor in Paris he furthered his career by travelling and working in Europe, Asia, and Africa where he was predominately inspired by space and colour. Based now in Barcelona since 1998 he graduated at the IDEP school of photography where he embarked on a photographic career working in the commercial and fashion areas. His work is a fusion of styles, having a strong visual impact, wich often provokes uncertainty and discomfort trought the everyday aesthetic and the unconscious.

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