Southern Iberian Summer

gabriella achadinha
Photograph: gabriella achadinha


Southern Iberian Summer

Shot on 35mm film, this series explores summer months in Portugal and Spain – reflecting on moments of solitude and stillness; individuals and couples relaxing in the heat of summer.
As a lone traveler I feel immediately drawn to spaces that vibrate in color and character on their own, individuals deep in thought, the juxtaposition of the old and the young in a summer setting.  An Interpretation of what the eye is drawn to as firstly, a photographer and secondly, a somewhat voyeuristic tourist. It’s never the scenes of chaotic celebration that attracts me, which often seem quite universal regardless, but rather the melancholic figures that occupy these places.

About the author: Gabriella Achadinha is Residing in Cape Town, South Africa, and her work is a collection of travel, street and portrait photography.

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