Superlative Supremacy

Edited by: Enrico Mancini

Where: Chengdu, China

Architecture: Century Global Center

Proofreading: Bianca Baroni



You can now visit the largest building on the planet earth in (take a guess…) China.

The Century Global Center of Chengdu measures 500 x 400 meters and it’s 100 meters high; that means that the Pentagon fits three times in it and twenty times the Sydney Opera House.

Workers clean the glass roof of the "New...Workers clean the gla

It stands in front of (take a guess…) Zaha Hadid’s new Century City Art Centre and, basically, can provide visitors literally anything their heart desires: an abundance of high-end shopping outlets, cinemas, office space, conference centers, two five star hotels, a university complex and (hold tight) a replica Mediterranean village.

cantiere night

Aside of that, the most amazing feature of this complex is a 5000 squared meters artificial sand beach, along of a salted sea with the highest artificial waves human being can provide.


If you think that that’s outrageous enough, they don’t, because everything is illuminated by a 150 meters wide and 40 meters high gigantic LED screen that simulates the horizon and offers on-demand sunrises, clouds and romantic sunsets.


This is just the last icon of a war that is fighting between world’s super economies like the United Arab Emirates or China. A war that for us may look as fascinating as ridiculous, but that we must not underrate labeling it as a fight between two newly rich child.

It will foreshadow tomorrow’s building design.

Ops, I forgot to say, there’s also a full scale pirate ship replica in there.


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