There was no better way to end my summer than in Copenhagen, a vibrant city known for its creativity, design, boundary-pushing cuisine, and for being a polestar of progress when it comes to art. With only a recent history of art fairs, it is remarkable that the Scandinavian capital is now home to not just […]

Human Hotel is a travel community founded by a social design studio based in Copenhagen. It brings together local artists, creative people and visionaires, who will host people from all over the world for an interesting travel experience.

Photos and text by Yann Datessen In 1971, in response to increasing population pressure, Copenhagen City Hall decided to evacuate most of the squats of the city in order to renovate them. Overnight hundreds of idealists and marginals found themselves thrown out into the street. In search of a new home, a handful of them […]

Edited by Odeta Catana, Photo Editor Malwa Grabowska Could you please tell us a little more about yourself. I am a ttraveler I am on the road.  I was born in Poland, I am based in Copenhagen, Denmark and currently I reside in NYC. I am all over the place to get connected, to share and […]

By Roberto Lucchese Celebrating its third project with the same development team in the maturing neighborhood of Orestad, the construction of the 61,000 m2 8 House has come to an end, allowing people to bike all the way from the street up to its 10th level penthouses alongside terraced gardens where the first residents have […]

Photos by Giacomo Cosua from Copenhagen