COP15 – Demostration- 14 dicember


Here in Copenhagen there was a new demostration today, started in the city center not so far from Israel Plaza.
The slogan was “Climate Justice No Border”, and there were around 500 people, from all countries, a lot of Italian and Danish. The demonstration went trough the city center, arriving at certain point in front of the Defence Minister Building, and after in the parlament square. It was everything very nice and colored, with music and people dancing, sorrounded by danish police, everywhere.


But some people inside the demonstration took the big baloon in front of the parlament, like 5-6 meter high and they were able to move it, running with the baloon for like 1 kilometer from the parlament. There was a lot of adrenaline, also because the police decided to surround the demostrant people also with the dogs.


The Police in these days it’s everywehere, and they don’t appear able to control the demostrations, you can understand that just watching in their eyes, they don’t communicate calm.


There was also a moment that they blocked all the accesses with the big cars and they isolated the press and the photographer from the demostration, so there was like 10 minutes that we didn’t know what happenend and if they arrested someone or not.

After the demonstation finished in front of Cristiania’s entrance with no more problems.



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Copenhagen Cop15 Black Bloc in action

Copenhagen Cop15 Black Bloc in action

Photos by Giacomo Cosua from Copenhagen

COP15- 16 Dicember Reportage

COP15- 16 Dicember Reportage


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