climate change

Yesterday was the inauguration day for the COP21, the climate change conference that is taking place now in Paris till the 12th of December. Almost every country in the world are taking part of this conference that for many experts is the very last chance to change in a better way the climate and reduce […]

Giacomo Cosua reporting from Paris. The Climate Change meeting (COP21) this year is taking place in Paris in a surreal situation AFTER the Attack happened the last 13th of November:  but ISIS is not going to stop the green “revolution”. Tomorrow is the official opening, even if the city already started to be involved in […]

Here we are. We knew it would have arrived sooner or later and now the time is ripe: Corporate are trying to drag up some big money from this “climate changes” hysteria, so they’re pointing-their-pointed-eyes to the fastest growing economies of the third world. Why the third world? Because they’ve already taken the other two.

Photos by Giacomo Cosua from Copenhagen