Photo: Giacomo Cosua

Giacomo Cosua reporting from Paris.

The Climate Change meeting (COP21) this year is taking place in Paris in a surreal situation AFTER the Attack happened the last 13th of November:  but ISIS is not going to stop the green “revolution”. Tomorrow is the official opening, even if the city already started to be involved in the event.

Free transportation for everybody to allow the delegates, the member of the medias and the activists to arrive at the main location of the COP21 just not far from Charles de Gaulle Airport. All around the world demonstrations for the climate have been the main event of the day, arriving to be a trending topic on twitter. But Paris that is still recovering from the attack was not ready yet, due to security reasons to allow a public demonstration. The resoult was that the climate activists since this morning arrived in Place De la Republique leaving shoes as symbol of their presence. In the afternoon a part of the crowd started a confrontation with the Police, as they wanted to march outside the Republique area and it ended with at least 100 people detained by the Police and tear gas in the air. The situation now is back to normality, even if still at 8pm the stop “Republique” of the metro was still closed.

The main conference area at Cop21 is still in progress but tomorrow it would be ready to host many international leaders, such as the Us and the Cina president. As many expert on climate change says, the success of this conference is actually on the hand of India, one of the most polluted country, but as the same time with the lowest gas emissions. In India still a lot of Coal power plants are running to provide electricity all over the country and is a big issue that the world is looking a solution for, even if India said that is probably not going to change any of their policy about emissions. Let’s see if Obama, that is going to work after the end of his 2 mandate on climate change, will be able to convince that Climate Change is a strong and imminent problem to focus on.

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