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Yesterday was the inauguration day for the COP21, the climate change conference that is taking place now in Paris till the 12th of December. Almost every country in the world are taking part of this conference that for many experts is the very last chance to change in a better way the climate and reduce the greenhouse emissions.

But Paris in these days is media exposed for the presence of all the most important world leaders that are discussing not just about Climate, but also on international affairs. A small cold war between Russia and Turkey is taking place due to the Russian Jet destroyed by the Turkish army last week after the aircraft was not respecting the borders of Turkey. These are just few ingredients that at the moment are on the plate at COP21 on the conference area just outside Paris, in a small fortress fair center with a large number of Police controlling the area. Many observers are interested to understand what India is going to decide in the future about their policy on coal power plants. New Deli is not interested at the moment to change their way to produce energy, even if it’s one of the most polluted country in the world, such as it’s China, that at the moment it seems interested on reducing the emissions as the situation in the country, especially in the capital is out of control in therm of pollution produced.

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