1.5 or 2 million people: the difference is not so important: the whole world have been demonstrating today against the attack at “Charlie Hebdo” in Paris where 12 people have been killed. A lot of words have been written about this attack: as Magazine we just want to leave some space to our reportage, hoping […]

Berlin, 26/10/2014 Photography by Giacomo Cosua Yesterday in Berlin the kurdish community have been demonstrating through the streets of Kreuzberg, almost 1000 people took part in the demonstration that at the end turned from peaceful into something different, with several arrests, as reported the “Berliner Zeitung” online. According to police there were five arrests at […]

For decades “autonomen” – anarchists and far-left demonstrators – have held an annual “Revolutionary May 1st protest” in Berlin’s Kreuzberg. The past few years have seen some decline in the level of violence, particularly due to a family-friendly “My-fest” festival, that has been organized in the same area since 2003, drawing in enough peaceful by […]

Save the Wall: Rotes Rathaus Demo — Berlin Edited by: Filippo Erizzo Photos: Giuseppe Colucci, Livio Chiodega and Tommaso Boscarato. A project by: Ploonge and Posi+tive Magazine Nearly 600 protesters gathered yesterday, Thursday 28th of March 2013, in front of the Rotes Rathaus in Berlin to continue the fight for the preservation of the East Side Gallery. Ploonge and Posi+tive Magazine were there to support […]

The Berlin Wall is the symbol of a fifty-years division between east and west Germany. It catalized the attention of Europe and the entire world for many decades. It has long since disappeared from reunified Berlin. Memories of the Wall, however, are still very much alive, and many of the visitors who come from all […]

Reporting from Berlin – 4/11/2012 Photos: Giacomo Cosua The theme for this demonstration was: “Das Problem heißt Rassismus” (The problem is racism”) Today was the day to remember the murders committed by the NSU (National Socialist Underground), that is a far-right German terror group which was uncovered in November 2011.

Rome, 15/10/2011 Photos by Erica Zanella We are the 99% Demonstration. Italian Police under attack. There is a big problem in Italy: the italian Police is not able to work for the safety of the people who want to demonstrate pacefully. This is a sort of the same copy of what happened the 14 december […]