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Around 400 climate activist peacefully took over the Red Carpet at the Venice Film Festival for around7 hours on Saturday, the last day of the Festival. They have been demanding to fight the climate change and they asked to the Biennale a meeting to spread their requests.

The presidente Baratta didn’t allow them to speak at the award night, even if he called the activists “guest” of the Festival.

They have been able to jump on the red carpet in the early morning, when there was less police around and they occupied the red carpet, probably the most iconic place of the festival, where the star they arrive before getting inside the “Sala Grande”.

The protesters have been organizing a Climate Camp in Lido for 5 days, with different meetings about climate change issues, but also against the big Ships crossing the Giudecca Channel in Venice.

After 7 hours they decided to leave and they organized a demonstration in the afternoon around Lido. The protesters got the support of Mick Jagger and Donald Sutherland, in Venice for the premiere of “The Burnt Orange Heresy”.

“I am glad they’re doing that because they’re the ones that are going to inherit the planet,” Jagger said at a news conference to promote the movie”.


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