Everybody knows the KaDeWe in Berlin, the most established department stores in Germany. On Saturday, April 30th 2016 the KaDeWe has teamed up with photographer Rankin to invite Berliners to take part in “Portrait of Berlin” a live, experiential photo shoot. These unique portraits will be arranged by Rankin and KaDeWe into a visually striking […]
Bjarke Ingels

Recently we’ve been following pretty close Bjarke Ingels and his works with BIG (see our interview with him here), so we’ll attend tomorrow’s 25th Annual Architecture Lecture in the unique setting of the Royal Acedemy of Arts’ Summer Exhibition. If you’ve missed it all these years: “For 247 years, the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition has […]

The London Festival of Architecture (LFA) 2015 is started (1st – 30th of June). The Festival is made up of public projects selected through an open call, alongside projects delivered by LFA partners, RIBA London Open Studios and events and activities in conjunction with leading cultural and academic institutions. It is an opportunity to present, […]

In June 2015 Serpentine Galleries (Kensington Gardens, London) celebrates the 15th anniversary of the world-renowned Pavilion commission with a psychedelic, colourful Serpentine. This year’s design by Madrid-based architects SelgasCano shows an amorphous, double-skinned, polygonal structure consisting of panels of a translucent, multi-coloured fabric membrane (ETFE) woven through and wrapped in webbing. Visitors will be able to […]

During Clerkenwell Design Week 2015 architecture offices Hassell and Draisci Studio were invited by London showroom Sto Werkstatt to explore architectural solutions for short-term physical and mental rest. How many hours of sleep did you get last night? Was it the recommended 8? If not, then how will you ‘catch up’? And, when you did finally sleep, can you say it was a […]

After its enormous success last year, when over 25,000 visitors attended the festival and were swept away by it, Portrait(s) is now being held for the second time, from  13 June to 31 August 2014, bringing the City of Vichy back for a whole season as a stage for avant-garde photography today with a series of outstanding […]

  „Fête de la Musique“, initiated in France in 1982, started to develop in Europe in 1985 with European Year of Music. Since 1995, the public and private bodies present have co-organised a European Music Fest, every 21st June, in order to show their will to foster improved knowledge of the current artistic realities in […]

Edit by: Nicole Winchell and Julian Roncal Photos by: Nicole Winchell If Oz is the emerald city, then Berlin is the ephemeral city. Trends, clubs, people and ideas come and go, as the city is a transient hub of change and innovation. Thus it was appropriate that Emergent Berlin find itself on the banks of the […]

Opening event : Exhibition of the selected artists from the f/16 Photo Contest 2013. With Norman Behrendt, Gabriele Di Stefano, Petra Zivnicek and Jochen Arentzen. 24|05|2013 h 19.00 f/16 Schule für Fotografie Friedrichstr. 217 10969 Berlin “Tatort” is the theme of the f/16 Photo Contest 2013. The crime scene is the place where something has happened, […]

The Berlin Film Society has curated a unique programme of exemplary documentary films which explore topics as diverse as censorship, race, sexuality, cinematic history, collective and personal memory, war on drugs, and even the medium of filmmaking itself. The programme is intended to showcase significant new and archive films that deal with and communicate the […]