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Perhaps this project of cultural curiosities deserves a less pretentious title that compounds its form and aesthetics. Maybe adding the word acidic to the title could resonate the true identity of its essence acidic photojournalism. Why not! It’s an adjective that has been attributed to Hunter S. Thompson’s gonzo journalism, the 60’s, music and, now, […]

In Mexico, on the outskirts of the city, there are some places that when dusk comes a practice begins that for many means power. Cockfights as entertainment and a social activity, which  in Mexico date back to the early sixteenth century, have since evolved, becoming a distinctive sign of our culture. This hobby is widespread […]

This is an ongoing documentation of one of the most popular rooms in his time dancing, but forgotten by the younger generation in Mexico City, full of tradition and lost in time, the Hall Los Angeles situated a few blocks from the neighborhood Tepito, place related to drug trafficking and other criminal activities. Ballroom Los […]
Daniel Espinoza

Positive Magazine interviewed a new photographer: Daniel Espinoza. He was born in Mexico City in 1979 and he lives and works in Zürich. Daniel focuses his work in photography and collage. While studying for his degree in Engineering in Mexico City and following his passion, Daniel undertook different courses in photography and worked profusely in […]

Photos by Cecilia Mezulic The series Pasajes presents a view of the cheap hotels situated in the old neighborhoods of San Rafael and Tabacalera, in the very heart of Mexico City. These hotels are an iconic presence in the urban landscape of the city, they can be found everywhere with the same peculiarities. In these […]