“Hall of Los Angeles, Los Angeles Ballroom”

Photo: Emilio Espejel

This is an ongoing documentation of one of the most popular rooms in his time dancing, but forgotten by the younger generation in Mexico City, full of tradition and lost in time, the Hall Los Angeles situated a few blocks from the neighborhood Tepito, place related to drug trafficking and other criminal activities.

Photo: Emilio Espejel
Photo: Emilio Espejel

Ballroom Los Angeles, is very popular in the ancient generations, founded in 1937. Being a cellar where coal was stored before, the Nieto family gave him back to the place so it is a local dance hall giving people the opportunity to vent their best moves, the name comes from the church a few blocks from the school with the name of Our Lady of the Angels. Now days, it was essential that dance to socialize is being lost by young, formerly a form of communication that few people still in Mexico is not common to see a young dance, “Danzón, Cha, Cha, cha, Cuban salsa or are “. Becoming a problem of lack of identity. where older generations are saving us by example to perpetuate a human approach through dance. and traditional music. Without that social networking is the communication bridge for a bit as human and artificial action.

Photo: Emilio Espejel
Photo: Emilio Espejel

Hall was the importance that personalities such as:
Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo, Raul and Fidel Castro, Ernesto “Che” Guevara, brothers Miguel Aleman. later writers such as Carlos Fuentes, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Carlos Monsivais and Portuguese Jose Saramago.

78 year tenure the Hall Los Angeles leaves us with this saying: Who does not know Los Angeles knows Mexico.

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Emilio Espejel is a press photographer, born march 26Th 1993 in Mexico City. Communication technician with experience in journalistic issues, Emilio starts at the age of seventeen to cover themes of politic relevance. Interested in documentary photography and portrait to tell stories about daily life and conflict situations. He collaborates with AP Agency, Vice, and other network medias.

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