Photos by Cecilia Mezulic


The series Pasajes presents a view of the cheap hotels situated in the old neighborhoods of San Rafael and Tabacalera, in the very heart of Mexico City.

These hotels are an iconic presence in the urban landscape of the city, they can be found everywhere with the same peculiarities. In these buildings consumed by time and covered by dust, rooms are mainly rented per hour and used by sexual workers of the area to host their clients.
Their interiors are anonymous and repetitive, almost alluding to the same monotony of the sexual routines performed behind the room doors.

The pictures show the atmosphere of these hotels and focus on the occasional traces left behind by visitors.
These signs, which are often ignored, are meant to remind us of stories of silence and exploitation that lips often refuse to tell.

Cecilia Mezulic was born in 1986 in a small town in Friuli, a border region situated in the northern east part of Italy. After studying Political Science and International Relationships she moved to Mexico where she begun working as an environmental activist for the protection of the gray whale’s habitat in Baja California.
Moving to Mexico City, she started her photography carrier as a student engaging with the city and the Mexican culture. She is currently working as a freelance photographer.













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