BERLIN – Kilian Kerner Backstage

Kilian Kerner (1979) was born and raised in cologne. From 2000 to 2003 he studied drama in cologne and Berlin, before founding his own label Kilian Kerner in 2004. The successful designer is now working on his successive 16th collection. Kilian Kerner finds the inspiration for his collections in emotion. His designs are created by and communicated through feelings.


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His designs have stories to tell and they epitomize the emotional worlds corresponding to the central theme of each collection. In summer 2008, Kilian Kerner decided to put on his first show at the mercedes-Benz Fashion week in Berlin. In January 2013 he celebrated his first major anniversary marking his tenth consecutive appearance at the Fashion week. His label is now a landmark on the German fashion scene and, without its presence, the Berlin Fashion week would be simply unimaginable.

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His »Fashion and Music« concept underpins each and every show. singer Ben Ivory, the Tunes of dawn band, and danish singer and songwriter mads Langer have already produced special tracks fitting the themes of the collections.


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