“This is a really personal work, I could hide it behind a random night/street photography project but it has nothing to do with that and in the same way those pictures aren’t about Moscow. Those are a psychological self-portrait, they just reflect my state of mind at that time. Night photography was a pretext to […]

The aether is total, but impalpable; it is invisible, but eternal; and finally it carries the light. Ancient philosophers believed that the aether is the fifth element, absolute and divine. Chemical transformations take place due to it and also the sky is such as it is. Because of its nature aether all the time eludes […]

Vito Russi is an Italian student of foreign languages with a strong passion for photography. Based in Apulia, Vito takes both its digital and film camera to capture the right moments in the right places. His work has been featured on PhotoVogue and LensCulture. The project “Waiting” takes inspiration mainly from my three-month stay in […]

Igor Verkhovskiy is a 26-year old Russian photographer who was born and raised in Russia, Krasnoyarsk. He is conducting in creativity all his life. Besides the photography he is very keen on music. About seven years he plays heavy rock in Math Marriage: Abel and Krell. Being the young man Igor found in the storeroom […]

Photos by Ana Núñez Rodríguez also known as Vertex Vortex. In the middle perifery of Moscow, the urban landscape is characterized by the classics “Microrayon”. In the shadow of these big buildings, citizens feel defenseless in front of a state that does not protect them anymore. This sense of helplessness immerses them in a state […]

Pictures by Masha Demianova Tell us more about your self. Where you live? And what do you do for a living?   I am 25 years old. I was born and raised in Moscow.  Right now I am still living in Moscow but I’m starting to spending more time in New York. When I am in Moscow […]

Edited by Odeta Catana, photography editor Flickr Polina Poludkina Tumblr   Could you tell us a few words about yourself? I’m from Russia, Moscow, 22 years old. I’m an analogue photographer and I like some experiments with double exposition and making self portraits. Nude and body are my love.  I’m inspired by Francesca Woodman.