One day of Ksenia's life

Photos by Katia Repina

Katia Repina is a 23 years old russian photographer and Based in Barcelona.
She studied a BPS in Management at Higher School of Economics in Moscow and then she moved to Barcelona where she studied photojournalism.

A description of the project:
The story goes about Ksenia, a woman of 36 years old who lives in Moscow, Russia. After she got divorced from an orthodox priest, Ksenia continued working in the choir’s church. She takes care of the six children by herself. Besides the church’s job, she also gives art classes at the school where some of her daughters also attend. She also sings at a rock acoustic band where she met her actual boyfriend with whom she lives nowadays.

Religion is a very delicate subject in Russia. Everything is very strict and conservative. Ksenia on the contrary is a very flexible and open minded person with the people that surround her, specially with her own children to whom she gives totally freedom to develop their own hobbies. One of her daughters even had a tattoo on her hand. It is a very interesting and brave woman with a strong character that have helped her overcome all the difficulties in her life. She never loses hope and faith in people, God or herself.

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