Vito Russi is an Italian student of foreign languages with a strong passion for photography. Based in Apulia, Vito takes both its digital and film camera to capture the right moments in the right places. His work has been featured on PhotoVogue and LensCulture.

The project “Waiting” takes inspiration mainly from my three-month stay in Russia (Saint Petersburg and Moskow). While walking in the streets, parks and dvory (yards) of these two wonderful cities, I stumbled upon people that where usually alone and seemingly in pose. When I started to take pictures, I suddenly realized that those people expressed that kind of feeling that we experience when we wait for something.
People usually wait for trains, friends, lovers. They can also wait for something bigger, like a complete change in life. Sometimes, people wait for something that will never ever come.
The series “Waiting” portraits people in real-life situations while waiting for somebody/something: it is not important what/who they are waiting for, but the feelings that “waiting” involves when we experience it in our lives.









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