Nicklas Kingo

Our Columnist Nicklas Kingo is going to the Roskilde Festival! Stay tuned! The festival is running from the 29th of june to the 7th of july 2013 in Roskilde, Denmark

By Nicklas Kingo To be honest nobody really needs a gym. 95% of people who train can achieve what they want with bodyweight exercises, but how much fun is that? I’m the kind of guy to whom training in a gym really helps me take it to eleven. The gym is a designated space made […]

Photo by Steve Reganato I’m Nicklas Kingo. I’m a travelling male model. I try to learn something new every day – if I feel like I’m the same person as the day before I start to chastise myself.

Model: Nicklas Kingo @ Chadwick Models Sydney Photos: Giacomo Cosua The danish model Niklas Kingo is spending some time in Sydney, one of the most interesting city in the world and will join soon Positive Magazine with his new column, stay tuned!  Cap: Patagonia Shirt: Calvin Klein