Skateboarding will make its Olympic debut at the Tokyo 2020 Games.

The Wig is a skatepark located in Detroit, Michigan. The boys are fighting against its destruction, as they want to replace it with a parking area. We have been there to shoot some photos and to support the local crew. We need less parking and more skateparks. If you know other skateparks around the world […]

In the same places where the Venice Film Festival comes to life at the end of the summer, a group of teenage skaters and bikers gathers everyday after school. They arrive one at a time, never all together: there’s the one who places the workout before anything else, who doesn’t seek the group but loves […]

Farmer is a body of work that Photographer Jack Clark has currently been exploring based on the skateboarding subculture. Significantly revolved around one subject, he aims to capture not only the subject himself but any connections that add to his subject’s identity (e.g. friendship, relationships and hobbies). By capturing his lifestyle, to the basics of […]

Enrico Rizzato started to do photography about everyday life in 2000. From 2001, alongside the skateboarding culture, he researched the “Non-places” of the city. Then in 2007, he started a collaboration with 6:00 am, an Italian skateboarding printed magazine. Furthermore, he also studies at the Bauer Institute in Milan, as an assistant photographer.

Testo di Andrea Santoro, Editor a Roma Foto di Beatrice Chima

Ricardo Muñoz Carter is a 21 years old photographer based in a small town near Barcelona.

Photographs by Christian Raae

Abbiamo intervistato Angelo Netto, uno tra i migliori skater nel panorama italiano. (All images courtesy by Angelo Netto, all rights reserved)