The New Olympic Face of Skateboarding 

Skateboarding will make its Olympic debut at the Tokyo 2020 Games.

There is no longer the chance for people on the street to complain about skaters being too risky and irresponsible.

Now young skaters, both girls and boys, can answer that they are training for the Olympics.
We could not think of skateboarding without thinking of all the culture and (life)style behind it. Originally the skateboard appeared in the 1940s on American West Coast, with the name “roller surfboard”.

This sport was, and minorly still is, an essential feature of street culture from its practice to its style.

 – Well depicted worldwide by brand as Vans, Elements and Thrasher, the “sk8ter” wears loose shapes, subtle prints and oversize tees -.

This moment in the history of skateboarding asks us to think about this figure in a more professional way. 

All around America, from North to South, it seems that municipal politics are devolving large investments to ramps and skateparks where young people can spend their time training and practicing their figures. We all know sports educational properties, creating team spirit and inclusivity as well as cooperation and empathy. And with the skateboarding’s debut at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, they have a worthy reason to carry on training supreme skills and youthful style.

There will be two disciplines on the Skateboarding program at Tokyo 2020, park and street. The park is similar to the halfpipe with many parabolic structures, whereas in the street style skaters can use anything (railings, stairs, tables and much more) to create and develop their tricks. 

In Skateboarding the rider is free to select which parts of the course to deal with and which tricks to perform. When the same tricks are showed, the success of the performance can depend mostly on the speed reached. In addition, higher marks are awarded for elevated difficulty and originality.

The main factor competition judges take into account – in addition to flow, timing and stability – is how much the rider is able to reproduce the sensation of being mid-air suspended.

A vibrant and youth-focused atmosphere will be protagonist at the Aomi Urban Sports Venue, also thanks to the musical accompaniment, creating a memorable experience for skateboarding fans.

On the other hand, on average in Italy there are less than two skateparks in a whole region, but as they say “better late than ever” thanks to this Olympic call, even in Italy now politics and investors are becoming more sensible for the needs of the athletes.

Some of the champions that will attend the Olympic competition, coordinated by the c.t. Daniele Galli, are Ivan Federico (19y.o.), Alessandro Mazzara (14 y.o.) and Jacopo Carozzi (22 y.o.).

Recently a brand-new skatepark in Castel-Maggiore (Bologna) has opened: born firstly as a modern space for young people to interact and integrate – also on a cultral level -, the CM40013SkatePark was both planned and built with about 90.000 euros. 

We have been there for the “Best Trick Contest” on Sunday 11 November, where the competitors ranged from 8 to about 30 years old.

Mums and dads, little girls and adult men, were climbing the curves at high speed and performing mid-air tricks. Everyone at his own pace and level.

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