e Maasstad, Roffa or 010, whatever you want to call Rotterdam, it’s definitely the best city for skateboarding in The Netherlands. Since I moved to the Netherlands, two years ago, I used to visit pretty often Rotterdam’s rival city Amsterdam before I finally managed to visit Rotterdam and naturally, I still really like Amsterdam and […]

Positive Magazine has a lot of friends around Rome. We have been few times here to document the skaters life around the city, in particular in the past when they organized the WorldSkateday, as it happens in the other cities around the globe the 21st of June. This time they took us to Acilia, just […]

In the same places where the Venice Film Festival comes to life at the end of the summer, a group of teenage skaters and bikers gathers everyday after school. They arrive one at a time, never all together: there’s the one who places the workout before anything else, who doesn’t seek the group but loves […]

Farmer is a body of work that Photographer Jack Clark has currently been exploring based on the skateboarding subculture. Significantly revolved around one subject, he aims to capture not only the subject himself but any connections that add to his subject’s identity (e.g. friendship, relationships and hobbies). By capturing his lifestyle, to the basics of […]

Few friends from outside Italy asked me about skate in Rome, Italy. In the last 2 years we have been documenting in the Italian Capital the “World Skate day”. This time we want to show you the favourite spots of the local skateboarders. The first one is the Cinetown Skatepark, not far from the “Cinecittà” […]

Tania Innocenti was born in 1979 in Empoli. She studied Cinema at the University of Florence and for a strong curiosity, she studied Italian sign language.

Stockwell Skatepark, Brixton London UK – Photos by Tobia Piatto

Enrico Rizzato started to do photography about everyday life in 2000. From 2001, alongside the skateboarding culture, he researched the “Non-places” of the city. Then in 2007, he started a collaboration with 6:00 am, an Italian skateboarding printed magazine. Furthermore, he also studies at the Bauer Institute in Milan, as an assistant photographer.

Ricardo Muñoz Carter is a 21 years old photographer based in a small town near Barcelona.